For me, carving stone is a process that bridges the spiritual and the physical. I find myself a in total reciprocity while I am sculpting.

My sculptures bring tastes of various cultures of the past and present...with motivating influences from my travels to Greece, Egypt, Europe, and other countries. My themes are inspired by my affinities for myth, the archetype, the feminine, dreams, nature, and the psyche's symbolic experiences. The forms that I carve are usually metaphorical. For instance, a vessel may represent a woman, a ship, or a journey. I try to balance the abstract with form and content, so that my carvings connect with the viewer.

My process unfolds in various ways. I feel that thoughts and experiences have form, and so a visual image can develop in my mind. As I mentally walk around it, I merge with the details, feelings, and overall contour of that image. I then proceed by drawing directly on the stone. Other times, I begin with random sketches of familiar shapes, and I play around with their arrangement and structure by stretching their combinations, simplifying, exaggerating, duplicating.... These configurations can be either drawings on paper or clay models. Next, I make  a basic transference of form and character from the sketch to the stone. As my process unfolds, my carving begins to occupy a life of its own, and I let go of the attachments to the sketch. I find myself in a nonverbal communication with the stone.